Our group’s Cybersecurity thinking is defined through the Cybersecurity Academy South Africa – CASA. The academy aims to strengthen the state of South Africa’s position, as a regional and continental leader in cybersecurity through training, awareness and outreach to leaners at all levels. CASA is also intensively involved in research and collaborative innovation as well as on going career development skill building.


Our cybersecurity mission is informed by our strong desire to influence the cultivation of an ecosystem that blends the mix of a multi-sector (private, government, academia) insight to;

  • Deliver affordable and relevant cybersecurity training, education and awareness
  • Contribute in the development of a national/regional cybersecurity workforce
  • Engage with other leading players to offer solutions to complex cybersecurity problems
  • Offer professional and unbiased advice to policy-makers
  • Transform Pretoria to the capital city of Cybersecurity in Africa.


Grade 12 Cyber Taskforce

The demand for skilled workers in the cybersecurity field is accelerating at an astronomical rate. Ensuring therefore that our youths are aware and empowered about these opportunities is a vital axis through which we can strengthen the workforce pipeline in the country and beyond.

Our Grade 12 Cyber Taskforce programme focuses on developing and inspiring Grade 12 students to pursue a STEM/cyber related career. It is our belief that focus on skills like problem solving, critical thinking and creativity, will equip and prepare them to tackle any challenge in the cybersecurity sphere.

Apart from programmes targeting the students, we also have very specialized training packages for Grade 12 teachers on cybersecurity. For more information visit: www.casa.co.za


Our professional training programme is designed to help fortify, raise awareness and advance the industry by educating, training and certifying a stronger, more skilled workforce, that can keep organizations and their information secure, both now and in the future. This holistic programme is designed to embrace newcomers as well as people already in cybersecurity job positions. The training is a combination of theory, hands-on exercises, workshops and a plethora of other supports that permit trainees to emerge fully equipped for any industry challenge. For more information visit: www.casa.co.za


The concept of the CASA Stratosphere is an education, training, and development open-source cloud operating system equipped with resources (running on servers) that can be used to create publicly available, virtual replicas of any type of computer/technology enabled network where students, government, companies or individuals can practice incident response, ethical hacking, threat hunting and a range of other cybersecurity related tasks.

The CASA Stratosphere gives everyone; from beginners to experts in he field, an opportunity to find ways of learning or contributing to the group’s mission in the cybersecurity environment. For more information visit; www.casa.co.za


The African Tech House provides a community of spaces designed to accommodate various footprints interested in cybersecurity issues and collaboration in a co-working environment. It is fully focused on fuelling innovation and collaboration into an ecosystem where national and international stakeholders converge to exchange and coproduce.

The African Tech House is opened to startups as well as tech giants looking to planting a seed in Pretoria. For more information visit: www.casa.co.za


Our cybersecurity academy offers several options for those seeking educational opportunities in the cybersecurity field. In partnership with some international universities, CASA is linked to certificate programmes as well as undergraduate level programmes in cybersecurity and cyber sciences. Offerings include both on-site and virtual courses. In addition, the Cyber Workforce Academy offers training for state and local government information security professionals. For more information visit: www.casa.co.za